WW archive > Issue 1463 - 19 October 2023

What you need to know about Hamas

Eddie Ford looks at the history and politics of what is a deeply reactionary organisation and how we could win the battle of ideas


Hamas empathy; Fascist crime; Iran link; Not an ally?; Grotesque; More bunk

Don’t mention apartheid

Sir Keir bans Labour banners at Palestine demonstrations, Jeremy Corbyn appeals to‘international law’, while the Campaign Group of Socialist MPs sticks to empty platitudes, reports Carla Roberts

The nature of the beast

Could the Soviet Union be described as a ‘workers’ state’ of any type? Drawing on the groundbreaking work of Hillel Ticktin, Yassamine Mather says that the only serious answer must be an emphatic ‘no’

Not tough on the causes

The prison system is in deep trouble. Mike Macnair suggests that there is more to it than bad government

Getting in touch

Jack Conrad takes up the offer made by Will McMahon and Nick Wrack about talks and joint work towards creating the basis for a mass Communist Party

Placing demands on Labour

Jack Bernard retells the hoary old tale of the inadequacies of the minimum-maximum programme of classical Marxism and the wonders that can be performed once equipped with transitional demands

Week in the hall of mirrors

Reporting of Israel’s assault on Gaza provides an object lesson in how the bourgeois media works, argues Paul Demarty

Online Communist Forum, Sunday October 22 5pm

Double, not quits!

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