WW archive > Issue 1459 - 21 September 2023

Staggering to next crisis

Joe Biden’s growing incapacity, the likelihood of him being replaced mid-term by Kamala Harris if re‑elected, and a potential impeachment trial show that the abnormal is becoming the new normal. Paul Demarty looks at America


Chile defeat; Anti-Semitism; Cancel culture; Climate disaster; Utter hypocrisy; Unity shouters; Great mix-up

Two forms of unity

There are any number of broad unity projects being plotted, floated and pushed at the moment. All will fail. James Harvey reports on our assessments, debates … and a membership application

Expect more hot air

Claims of defying the government’s latest anti-trade union laws and at the same time supporting its war aims in Ukraine are in flat contradiction, writes Eddie Ford

Investigations drag on and on

We all know who did it … and it was not Russia. Daniel Lazare looks at how the right is gaining traction from telling an evident truth

Elephant in the room

It is Zionism, not anti-Zionism, that is joined to anti-Semitism. Tony Greenstein calls out the CPB’s resident Zionist, Mary Davis

Witch-hunt bang to rights

A damning report concludes that in every fully investigated case, charges of anti-Semitism were found to be baseless. Carla Roberts is not surprised

A year of defiance

Despite countless protest demonstrations and at least 500 deaths the Islamic regime still clings to power. Yassamine Mather calls upon the left to think seriously about strategy, mass organisation and a party

Online Communist Forum, Sunday September 24 5pm

No complacency

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