WW archive > Issue 1403 - 14 July 2022

Expect an early general election

Smear campaigns, dirty dossiers, stitch-ups - yes, it is a Tory leadership contest. Eddie Ford also notes that Penny Mordaunt is way out in front when it comes to the bookies


No change; Imperialism; Misleading; Be prepared; Going, going …; Responsible; Scorn

That’s entertainment!

Boris Johnson’s persona is part Psmith, part Flashman and part Tim Nice-But-Dim. Paul Demarty traces the rise and fall of the ‘Red Tory’

First our own rulers

Far from running out of troops and material and facing defeat, Russian forces continue to relentlessly advance. But, Alexander Gallus of the US journal Cosmonaut argues, for us the main enemy remains at home

Let’s talk about divorce

Does Biden’s lame response to the Supreme Court mark the end of the line for the DSA’s strategic reliance on the Democrats? Daniel Lazare argues for a break

Past and present

This year’s Durham Miners’ Gala, the 136th, featured the great and good of the trade union movement. RMT’s Mick Lynch, rightly, got a huge cheer. But, as David John Douglass reports, there was also the promotion of pro-imperialist politics when it comes to Ukraine

State and philosophy

Mike Macnair reviews Beyond Leviathan: critique of the state by István Mészáros (edited by John Bellamy Foster, Monthly Review Press, 2022, pp482, £18.76)

Not yet another coalition

James Harvey looks at the storming of government buildings, the danger from the army and the prospects for winning a real Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

Tinker, tailor, CPGB?

Linda Carr reports on the 2022 CPGB Summer Offensive

Help us out

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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