WW archive > Issue 1376 - 16 December 2021

Victim of vengeful US mafia

Julian Assange has been patiently, unrelentingly pursued. Mike Macnair highlights the complicity of the UK state and courts and the failure of the left


All wrong; Class is central; Second amendment; Dictatorship; Irrelevant; Old baloney

Sheen comes off bluster and boosterism

Derek James looks at the stunning Tory rebellion over Covid-19 safety measures and Labour’s lead in the polls

Commemoration message

As read out at the December 11 online meeting to mark the 20th anniversary of the death of an exiled Turkish revolutionary leader

Fun and punishment

Crazily, the government wants to intensify the cruel and unwinnable ‘war on drugs’. Eddie Ford, on the other hand, wants to call it off and legalise all drugs

The future that ended

Three decades after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the causes and consequences still elude most of the left, writes Paul Demarty

Something serious is needed

It is clear that Tony Greenstein has abandoned any pretence of adhering to class politics: that is, the class politics of the working class. Jack Conrad defends the Marxist programme against those who advocate yet another broad-front halfway house

Getting BDS and DSA right

Not surprisingly, last week’s article by Daniel Lazare, ‘Taking a pass on Israel’, has caused some considerable controversy. Thankfully, three well-informed comrades have written replies. Needless to say, our sympathies are fully with the critics

Vienna means everything

Negotiations are proceeding through carrot and stick brinkmanship on both sides. Meanwhile, reports Yassamine Mather, workers are striking and protesting out of sheer desperation

End-of-year break

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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