WW archive > Issue 1359 - 05 August 2021

At the tipping point

Can the bourgeoisie be forced to adopt climate socialism? Highly unlikely, but we should not rule it out in principle. Eddie Ford highlights the necessity of a minimum programme


Welcome; Youth optimism; Tragicomic; What do I know?; Own petards; Welcome here

The Imam, the strikers and the black, black oil

There are rich lessons for today in the experiences of the oil strikes of 1978. In the first of two articles Peyman Jafari charts the incredibly difficult struggle for organisation, hegemony and strategy

Tears and yet more tears

The more they blubber, writes Daniel Lazare, the more evident it becomes they have nothing to say

Profits first and foremost

What causes slumps? Michael Roberts takes issue with those who imagine individual decisions and interest rates are key

Through a feminist filter

Gaby Rubin reviews 'Ethel Rosenberg: a cold war tragedy' by Anne Sebba

Unnatural disaster

A combination of scorching heat, greed and a warmongering government has resulted in widespread fires. Esen Uslu reports from Turkey

A bit short

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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