WW archive > Issue 1338 - 11 March 2021


Lie-down; Ignored?; Spit and sinew; Council housing

System in reverse

What does Joe Biden’s massive Covid relief package mean for ordinary working class people? Daniel Lazare looks behind the Keynesian promises of jam today and jam tomorrow

Careerism on the Mersey

James Harvey reports on the manoeuvrings and stitch-ups that have happened in the wake of the arrest of elected mayor Joe Anderson

A minimum-maximum programme

This is the mission statement of the Marxist Unity Slate - a set of proposals for the 2021 convention of the Democratic Socialists of America. The aim is to achieve democratic discipline and principled election campaigns, as well as uniting Marxists around a vision of a mass working class socialist party

1921 turning point?

Mike Macnair spoke to Online Communist Forum on March 7 about the related centenaries of the 1921 Kronstadt rebellion, the adoption of the NEP and the ban on factions in the Russian Communist Party

The afterlife of Bobby Sands

Glowing leftwing tributes to the hunger-striker contrast markedly to the prevailing attitude 40 years ago. Paul Demarty looks at the modern-day paradoxes

In thunder and lightning

Michael Roberts celebrates Rosa Luxemburg’s outstanding contribution to Marxist political economy

Racism and The Firm

Arguably the royal family is facing the most serious crisis since the death of Diana Spencer, writes Eddie Ford

Time is running out

Yassamine Mather weighs up the state of play regarding attempts to revive the nuclear deal

More needed

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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