WW archive > Issue 1336 - 25 February 2021


Online picket; Don’t be silent; Marxist duty; Free Assange; Just a prop; No border

No escape from Earth

Dreams of Martian colonies cannot substitute for revolutionary change on this planet, argues Paul Demarty

The Firm vs the Sussexes

Monarchy is part reality TV show, part constitutional check on democracy, writes Eddie Ford

Trying to reverse the irreversible

‘We’re back!’ cries Biden. But, asks Daniel Lazare, will its allies welcome the US as the undisputed global hegemon once again?

The misuses of Gramsci

Quoted by charlatans to provide an air of magic, praised for his ambiguities, more revered than read: David Broder calls for a serious engagement with a political strategy that still has considerable relevance

Luddite delusions

Our arguments about energy forms must be based on solid grounds, says an insistent Emil Jacobs

A century of dependency

Foreign intervention did not come to an end with the 1979 revolution. No, as shown by Yassamine Mather, Iran’s Islamic rulers are more than willing to do the bidding of US-controlled international institutions

Mission impossible

Michael Roberts reviews 'Mission economy: a moonshot guide to changing capitalism' by Mariana Mazzucato

Hollow man for hollow times

Much hyped though it was, the ‘new chapter’ speech was a ‘painting by numbers’ exercise in political platitudes, writes James Harvey

Four days to go

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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