WW archive > Issue 1319 - 15 October 2020


US vote; No to lockdown; NHS disarray; Deserting Labour; Uncanny

World looks on

Uncertainty about the American presidency makes for anxious times in every other country. Paul Demarty sees conflicts, breakdown and wars ahead

More Russia wars

The US political crisis cannot be reduced to a single party or individual, writes Daniel Lazare

Politics of two borders

With Brexit negotiations going to the wire, the future in Ireland remains uncertain. This is an edited version of the talk given by James Harvey to Online Communist Forum

Heroes and sinners

Mike Macnair argues that Neil Faulkner’s ‘great men’ approach to the party question is utterly useless

Zinoviev in Halle

To mark the centenary of the pivotal Halle congress of the Independent Social Democratic Party of Germany on October 20 1920, Ben Lewis looks at the lead-up to and consequences of Grigory Zinoviev’s marathon four-hour speech

Units of state terrorism

David John Douglass reviews Harry McCallion 'Undercover war: Britain’s special forces and their secret battle against the IRA'

Winning the battle

Celebrating the conviction of Golden Dawn leaders is all well and good, says Eddie Ford, but freedom of speech is the left’s biggest weapon

Breath of fresh air

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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