WW archive > Issue 1303 - 11 June 2020


Communication; Economistic?; Race and class; Class conflict

Broad versus mass

Principles should not be negotiated away. Peter Manson reports on the discussion at last weekend’s meeting

Race über alles?

Daniel Lazare looks beneath the skin of Black Lives Matter and reveals the links with big business

An international explosion

Protests against police violence and structural disadvantage have erupted in country after country, but what happens next, asks Paul Demarty

Discontent and messianism

Chris Gray gives his take on the various oppressive regime forms that have appeared in modern times

Welcome the CPGB

William Sarsfield continues his series on the founding of the CPGB 100 years ago

Cowardice and opportunism

Lindsey German has refused to withdraw the implication that the Stop the War Coalition will not associate itself with those expelled from Labour. Tony Greenstein reports

Backward Momentum

Jon Lansman’s organisation is trying to reinvent itself. But, looking at the contending factions, Daniel Harvey is convinced that the whole project is bankrupt

Victim of Zionist colonisation

Rashid Khalidi 'The hundred-years war on Palestine: a history of settler-colonial conquest and resistance' Profile Books, 2020, pp336, £17.99

Johnson’s criminal incompetence

By global standards, writes Eddie Ford, the government’s handling of the pandemic has been appalling

Fighting fund

Lost time - Robbie Rix reports:

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