WW archive > Issue 1291 - 19 March 2020


Responsibility; Sceptical; Puzzled; Real reason; Racist!; Federal republic; Us tomorrow

Bankruptcy of neoliberalism

With countries everywhere on a ‘war footing’, writes Eddie Ford, the pandemic shows the necessity of global social control.

Responding to catastrophe

Paul Demarty looks at the strengths, and limits, of the left’s response to the coronavirus.

Coronavirus, oil and capitalist decline

Rex Dunn explains why he thinks they are all connected.

The Engels pause

As we approach the 200th anniversary of Friedrich Engels’ birth, Michael Roberts< recalls the contribution he made to Marxist political economy.

Those against unity

William Sarsfield continues his series on the founding of the CPGB 100 years ago

Socialist Fight’s split

Gerry Downing has dropped his support for Ian Donovan’s anti-Semitic theories about a pan-national Jewish-Zionist bourgeoisie. But, asks Tony Greenstein, what took him so long?

Death of a radical intellectual

Yassamine Mather celebrates a brave and outspoken critic of the Islamic regime.


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