WW archive > Issue 1283 - 24 January 2020

America, the robotic

Daniel Lazare examines the role of a reactionary constitution in the battle over Trump’s impeachment.


Depoliticisation; Bright spot; On the streets?; Dictatorship

Prepare for a bitter fight

The Tories are bent on ensuring that effective trade union action is impossible, writes Peter Manson. How to respond?

Then there were four

Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists shows how appeasement has a terrible logic. But candidates can be pressurised from the left.

From socialism to ‘stabilising finance’

Hyman Minsky acted as a forerunner for protagonists of today’s ‘modern monetary theory’, writes Michael Roberts.

Up against the clock

By insisting that Britain is going to diverge from the EU, Sajid Javid is waving goodbye to the car industry, writes Eddie Ford.

Lessons of Corbynism’s defeat

How to overcome the impediments to communist consciousness? Rex Dunn takes issue with Mike Macnair.

The destruction factor

Judging by recent events in the Middle East, the US has abandoned all attempts to impose order. Now the world has a nihilist hegemon, argues Yassamine Mather.

Curing the country of Prevent

The list of ‘extremist’ organisations subject to intervention under the Prevent strategy is laughable - but the consequences could be grave, warns Paul Demarty.

Record week

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