WW archive > Issue 1267 - 20 September 2019

Revolution and reforms

Mike Macnair concludes his discussion of the US left’s Kautsky debate.


Too many people; Conundrum; Deathly haze; Best healthcare; Source of hope; Red and green; Drive out JLM

A rough guide for delegates

Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists looks at some of the proposed rule changes to be debated by conference.

Lexiteers and Brexiteers united

Demanding exactly what Boris Johnson wants, writes Eddie Ford, sections of the left are still calling for an immediate general election.

Coming to the rescue

The Partito Democratico - an amalgam of Christian democrats and former ‘communists’ - have joined the ‘anti-establishment’ populists of the Five Star Movement in a new government. Toby Abse reports on what he calls the new ‘popular front’.

Still deadlocked

As Israel moves further and further to the openly racist far right, there is no longer any room for a hypocritical Zionist left that talks equality and practises ethnic cleansing, writes Tony Greenstein.

Accusations and threats

A US attack on Iran is once again a real possibility, warns Yassamine Mather.

A game of thrones

Harley Filben mourns the loss of Maurizio Cattelan’s golden toilet.

Back on track

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