WW archive > Issue 1229 - 29 November 2018

New stage of Brexit politics

In or out of the EU, argues Mike Macnair, we need a united workers’ movement on a European scale


Brighter light; Frankfurt school; Shit pump; Canada’s role; Scrap the crap

IHRA and free speech

Both Zionists and the British far right want to make criticism of Israel unacceptable, reports Tony Greenstein

Politics of the street

The Ukip leader’s embrace of Tommy Robinson shows how the ‘great Brexit betrayal’ could lead to the growth of a populist far-right movement in Britain, writes Eddie Ford

Immigration: ignoring the problem

Fighting for open borders means facing up to the reality of mass migration, argues Paul Demarty

No cross-class coalition

The move for a special Labour conference on a ‘People’s Vote’ is designed to smooth the path to a national government, warns Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists

Left tails of liberal bourgeoisie

He who pays the AEIP piper calls the AEIP tune, says Jack Conrad

Sport and common endeavour

Is there something more to chess than the desire to win? Peter Manson thinks there is

Resistance grows in Iran

Both Trump’s threats and the regime’s neoliberal policies are being forcefully opposed by the working class, reports Yassamine Mather

Another success

Robbie is satisfied with your efforts... for now

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