WW archive > Issue 1221 - 05 October 2018

Still no way out

Paul Demarty watches the fur fly at the Birmingham conference


Racist endeavour; Sloppy; No Blairite; Third campism; Sophisticated; Freedom Charter

A funny way to support Jeremy

SPEW has written to the Labour Party asking to affiliate. Peter Manson looks at the background

Let it rot in the grave

Labour should not revive the old Fabian clause four, says Jack Conrad. Instead a new, genuinely socialist version is needed

Aspirations frustrated

Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists gives her assessment of the Liverpool conference

More momentum on the banks

Real measures to control finance are needed, argues Michael Roberts

Forgotten communities

Review of Garry Lyons' The last seam, directed by Daljinder Singh

Doing the job of the right

Momentum in Scotland seems to have joined the witch-hunt against the left. Chris Cassells reports

A good job

We do our best, you know...

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