WW archive > Issue 1218 - 13 September 2018

A racist state

Labour’s adoption of the IHRA definition was a shameful betrayal of the Palestinians, writes Tony Greenstein


Zionism; New regime?; Not so unique; PCS corrections

Too modest by half

John McDonnell’s ‘radical’ plans to overhaul company ownership forget about the state - Jim Grant argues that the state will not forget about John McDonnell

Democracy, reselection and Omov

Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists looks at some of the rule changes before this year’s Labour conference

Against referendums

Despite the TUC vote in Manchester the left should reject referendums as a matter of principle. Jack Conrad puts the Marxist case for extreme democracy

New leader in waiting?

Far from being a loose cannon, Boris Johnson’s every move is well thought out, writes Eddie Ford

Fire burn and cauldron bubble

Esen Uslu looks at the rival state interests involved in the struggle to control Idlib

Grappling with the party question

Mike Macnair looks at two very different documents from two very different organisations

Edging towards a second vote

The EU was a central theme for the second successive year, reports Peter Manson


Look out- Robbie Rix is about

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