WW archive > Issue 1210 - 05 July 2018

No future for London

The third runway is not inevitable. It must be stopped, argues Paul Demarty


Reinstate Marc; Zionism; White privilege

Gaining momentum

The campaign to reinstate Stan Keable has growing support

Ethnic cleansing continues

Israel is moving Palestinians into bleak and desolate townships located next to rubbish dumps, writes Tony Greenstein

Oppose siren calls

Some on the ‘left’ insist on running with People’s Vote and its call for a second EU referendum. Once again Jack Conrad argues that Marxists ought to condemn referendums. We favour representative democracy and working class political independence

Getting beyond capitalism

Mike Macnair completes his critique of intersectionality and identity politics

What sort of unity?

Review of Kevin Meagher's 'A united Ireland: why unification is inevitable and how it will come about'. Biteback Publishing, 2016, pp237, £12.99

Take it or leave it

Eddie Ford says Theresa May is manoeuvring to achieve a ‘third way’ Brexit. Chances are that we will see more dither

Looking good

Not you, silly. The WW bank account!

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