WW archive > Issue 1188 - 01 February 2018

Health service we need

James Linney looks at who benefits from privatisation


No to witch-hunt; Solidarity; Facile; Their ‘equality’; Explosion

All the president’s men

As the sexual harassment scandal continues to claim victims, Paul Demarty wonders how it will be brought back under control

Are you listening, Theresa?

Eddie Ford looks at the latest blue-on-blue manoeuvrings and jockeying for power

Being black is their only crime

Thousands of Israelis are attempting to stop the deportation of African refugees, reports Tony Greenstein

Counting the costs

For all their anti-western slogans, there is nothing ‘radical’ in any of the Tehran regime factions, writes Yassamine Mather

Corbynmania and the SPD

Emma Rees and other Momentum employees have been sent to Berlin to help the German youth wing oppose the latest grand coalition, writes Susanne Holstein

No easy road to popularity

Peter Manson reports on a wide-ranging debate amongst CPGB comrades

Davos and the Donald

Trump’s appearance saw him demand a change in the rules, says Michael Roberts

Get clicking

A short month to make up a small deficit, so get on it says Robbie Rix

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