Karl Marx and ‘eco-Marxism’

The threat of ‘ecocidal capitalism’ is linked to the absence of a class-conscious international proletariat, writes Rex Dunn

Benjamin Kunkel is a 44-year-old American with a degree in creative writing from Columbia University. He has written an excellent review of four recent books about the ecology of the planet in the London Review of Books (March 2 2017). The last two belong to the category of ‘eco-Marxism’ and offer some important new insights. Therefore I shall focus my attention on these. If I make any errors along the way, I am happy to be corrected by other, better informed Weekly Worker readers.

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Join us to achieve peace

‘1917: the view from the streets’: leaflets of the Russian Revolution, No9

Price of divorce

Theresa May might have triggered article 50, writes Eddie Ford, but the future is uncertain for both Britain and Europe

Wasted opportunities galore

Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists was appalled by Momentum’s ‘inaugural conference’ and its Duracell bunnies

Behind the charitable mask

Not only Theresa May, but Jeremy Corbyn too, have lent their support to an entirely bogus definition of anti-Semitism. This can only benefit Zionist outfits such as the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, writes Tony Greenstein

A watermen’s fight

Esen Uslu reports on the pandemonium created by Erdoğan in the run-up to next month’s referendum

Hit by corruption scandals

Beppe Grillo and the right-populist Movimento Cinque Stelle are making gains, writes Toby Abse

Understanding Khalid Masood

We cannot explain atrocities like the Westminster attack through individual psychology, argues Paul Demarty

Most serious

Robbie Rix is seriously happy about an influx of donations

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