WW archive > Issue 1112 - 23 June 2016

Abuse of a corpse

We should not be blind to the corruption at the heart of bourgeois politics, argues Paul Demarty


No role; Time’s up; EU revolution; For Jo’s sake; Muddled; Consequences

Orlando, Brexit and the media

What happens when anti-foreigner rhetoric merges with Islamophobia? Yassamine Mather describes what it feels like to be on the receiving end

The politics of platitudes

Commissaress discusses the implications of the EU referendum campaign on political discourse

Why Ken Livingstone was right

Who exactly is making ‘factual misrepresentations’? Tony Greenstein replies to Paul Bogdanor

The decolonisation of Palestine

Zionism constitutes a unique colonisation process, argues Moshé Machover - which means that the route to Palestinian freedom must be equally unique

Politics of derangement

Obviously the killing of Jo Cox was an act of political terrorism? Eddie Ford looks at the politics

Watch this space

Will the next week be as good as the last? Robbie Rix is optimistic

M5S takes Rome and Turin

With the help of elements of the left, Beppe Grillo’s crew has gained ground in former working class strongholds. Toby Abse reports

Brexit, China and the Fed

The prospect of a global recession is very real, writes Michael Roberts

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