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Cometh the Brand?

Russell Brand’s anarchistic leftism is sincere enough, but his unlikely importance speaks volumes about the left’s weakness, says Paul Demarty


War nonsense; Any day; To the point; Defeatism; Prejudice; Superficial; Abrupt; Taking on Ukip; Clerical error

Marching in defence of article 18

Last weekend’s mass mobilisation in Rome was inspiring, writes Toby Abse. But will trade union militancy be enough?

Syriza: Process of accommodation

Greece gave the world democracy, but will Syriza give us socialism? Not in the opinion of Micky Coulter

Branson’s pickle

Noreen Branson History of the Communist Party of Great Britain 1927-1941 Lawrence and Wishart, 2014, pp376, £17.99; and History of the Communist Party of Great Britain 1941-1951 Lawrence and Wishart, 1997, pp262, £14.99

Child abuse: Adding insult to injury

Theresa May’s decision to make Lady Woolf the new head of the child abuse inquiry could turn out to be deeply embarrassing, writes Eddie Ford

Jack Collins: We could swamp them

In 1984 The Leninist interviewed Jack Collins, area secretary of Kent NUM who went on to become disillusioned with the CPGB leadership

A war that nobody wants to mention

No-one in Turkey wants to celebrate what happened in 1914-18, writes Esen Uslu. But when it comes to the glory days of the Ottoman empire things are different

No safe space for women

Yassamine Mather points to the link between two outrages in the Islamic Republic

Supplement: Labour Party Marxists No.5

A special supplement from our friends at LPM

Going colour

The print edition of the WW remains a powerful organ. And - with the continued support of our readers - full-colour, high-definition frontpages will be here to stay

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