WW archive > Issue 1014 - 12 June 2014

Playing a fool's game

The ‘common sense’ consensus on migration stretches from Ukip and the Tories to the CPB and SPEW, writes Peter Manson


Sideways shift; Unsourced; Capital error; Bulldoze them; Don't cry; Ours; British Mafiosi; Thornett shocked

Leadership meets at last

Yassamine Mather reports on the first meeting of the LU national council

M5S takes ex-communist stronghold

Despite the views of some who ought to know better, there is nothing progressive about Beppe Grillo, argues Toby Abse

Condition of the working class movement

Torab Saleth of Hands Off the People of Iran assesses the strengths and weaknesses

Both campaigns are US allies and friends

September 18 referendum has nothing to do with preserving working class unity, argues Eddie Ford

Against bad things

Richard Seymour Against austerity: How we can fix the crisis they made? Pluto Press, 2014, pp198, £11.50

A leading rank-and-filer

Paul Frölich Im radikalen Lager: Politische Autobiographie 1890-1921 (1938) €29.80, pp416, edited by Reiner Tosstorf, Berlin 2013

Stealing back the game

As the World Cup begins in earnest, Harley Filben examines the tense political background

Arms twisted

Whether a load of sweaty blokes in Brazil appeals or not, Robbie Rix needs your help

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