WW archive > Issue 975 - 29 August 2013

Communist University: Learning to talk to each other

Danny Hammill reports on the CPGB’s summer school


Cowardice; Achcar on Libya; LU in Scotland; In or out?; Not uninvested; Absurd energy; Undetermined

Summer Offensive: One of the best

Mark Fischer gives a final report on the CPGB's annual fundraiser

Marxism online: Reappropriating basic principles

On August 13, the centenary of August Bebel’s death, a new website was launched - MarxistCenter.com seeks to revive a genuinely partyist Marxism for the 21st century. Geary Middleton introduces this new political and journalistic project

Left Unity: Communicating across the archipelago of isolation

Jack Conrad puts the case for clear principles and greater boldness. This is an edited version of his opening contribution to the ‘Fighting for a mass party’session at Communist University

Left Unity: Self-liberation, not manipulation

Nick Wrack was the second speaker at the ‘Fighting for a mass party’ session

Socialist Platform - amendments

The CPGB will be proposing changes to the platform at the September 14 meeting of supporters

Italy: Threat to bring down government

Toby Abse reports on Silvio Berlusconi’s latest antics

China: Populism and plutocracy

The trial of Bo Xilai reveals contradictions at the top of Chinese society, argues Paul Demarty

Egypt: Counterrevolution devours its children

A high command coup is not a revolution, says Harley Filben

Fighting fund: Withdrawal symptoms

Robbie Rix is back. He's even more back from next week and so is our £1,500 monthly target!

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