WW archive > Issue 966 - 13 June 2013

From finance capital to austerity muddle

While economic growth is proving elusive, there are clear signs of stagnation and disintegration, argues Critique editor Hillel Ticktin


Abuse and lies; Right to heckle; WWI chauvinism; Broad what?; Party-movement; Moody; Centre stage; Authoritarian; Devotee

SWP crisis: Offering token concessions

As the crisis rumbles on, the SWP leadership admits it has gone through an ‘extremely bruising period’. Peter Manson reports on the central committee’s perspectives

Ireland: No ifs, no buts … a woman’s right to choose

Controversy over abortion continues to reverberate throughout Irish society, writes Anne McShane

Turkey: In revolt against AKP dictat

Esen Uslu reports from Istanbul

Turkey: Battle for secularism

Opposition to creeping Islamisation is not confined to the protestors in Taksim Square and elsewhere, argues Eddie Ford. The army is also deeply disgruntled with the AKP

Aggregate: The left must aim higher

The weekend aggregate meeting of CPGB members saw debates on democratic centralism and the new Left Unity initiative. Michael Copestake reports

Opportunities to grasp

As the CPGB begins its annual Summer Offensive, national organiser Mark Fischer examines the state of the party and the wider left

Militarisation of cyberspace gathers speed

Tensions between China and the US over cyber-security are a reminder of the hidden dangers of the information age, writes Paul Demarty

Communist University 2013

Brief details for this years event

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