WW archive > Issue 965 - 06 June 2013

To get out of the gutter, begin by looking up at the stars

Should the left aim for a non-socialist stage of capitalism? A stage acceptable to Stalinites, trade union bureaucrats and left reformists? Ben Lewis responds to Tim Nelson of the International Socialist Network


Kernel; RCG smears; SWP illusions; Solidarity; Correction

Mars expedition: Symptom of systemic decline

There is nothing truly utopian or universalist in capitalist space programmes, says Yassamine Mather

Lessons of May 68

Would there have been a revolution but for the betrayal of the official leadership in France? This is an edited version of a talk given by Mike Macnair at a recent London Communist Forum

Appeal from the editor

The appeal is going for the moment, but will return. Peter Manson thanks comrades for their support

Italian elections: Grillo’s populism exposed

The Five Star Movement has suffered a sharp drop in support. Toby Abse reports on the first round of the local elections

Tories: Fraying at the edges

Desperate anti-Europe posturing shows that the Tories are being pulled sharply to the right by Ukip, writes Eddie Ford

Far right on the march

The chauvinist atmosphere in the wake of the Lee Rigby murder has thrown the British far right into the spotlight. Paul Demarty assesses the balance of forces

BNP: Out of the woodwork

Maciej Zurowski reports on the BNP’s return to the streets and the demonstration mounted by anti-fascists

Great victory

Simon Wells reports on the 3 June UAF meeting in London

Porn and crime: Causative or correlative link?

In the wake of the April Jones case Christina Black looks at the role, or not, of 'violent' and 'hardcore' porn in violent crime and murder, and the ensuing media moral panic

Fighting Fund: Summer Offensive

Robbie Rix on the CPGB's summer fundraiser

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