WW archive > Issue 962 - 16 May 2013

Sectarian left: Svengalis of Left Unity block unity

Peter Manson examines two contrasting views of the new attempt to revive Labourism


Transition; Real pro; Last strawmen; Hate factories; Sex repression

AWL: Pull the other one

In response to Left Unity, the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty has sent a counter-proposal to most of the far-left organisations. Paul Demarty replies

Appeal from the editor

Weekly Worker editor Peter Manson has better news this week

Left unity: Anti-sectarian sectarianism

Left Unity began badly, with existing left groups barred from attending, even as observers. Tina Becker reports on the May 11 national meeting

Zionist myths: Hebrew versus Jewish identity

This is an expanded version of the talk given by Moshé Machover at the March 3 London conference, ‘Reclaiming an Alternative Jewish Culture and Identity’

Climate change: Entering the danger zone

Capitalism’s growth for growth’s sake is putting humanity at grave risk, argues Eddie Ford

Giulio Andreotti: Corruption, murder and the thirst for power

Toby Abse reviews the life of the Italian prime minister with close Mafia connections: Giulio Andreotti, January 14 1919 - May 6 2013

Iran: Boycott the vetted election, not the mass protests

The Islamic republic is bitterly divided at the top and subject to crippling international sanctions. Yassamine Mather analyses the political situation in the run-up to the June 14 presidential poll

Alex Ferguson: Icon of football’s big money

The departure of Alex Ferguson from football management has generated more column inches than a royal wedding. Harley Filben asks why

Wishful thinking?

Robbie Rix is hoping that comrades can help us meet our target

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