WW archive > Issue 951 - 28 February 2013

SWP crisis: Silence of the lambs

The ‘softly, softly’ approach of the Socialist Workers Party opposition contrasts with the leadership’s aggression, argues Paul Demarty


Alpha-male SWP; Opportunities; No defence; CP opportunism; Nota bene; Worse than; First time; Big brother

Appeal from the editor

Weekly Worker editor Peter Manson provides an update on our legal help appeal

CLPD: Trip down memory lane with the hopelessly hopeful

Stan Keable of Labour Party Marxists gives his assessment of the 40th AGM of the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy

SWP CC and theory: Self-serving dishonesty

Do the Socialist Workers Party’s ‘stability’ and ‘clear perspectives’ result from its ban on permanent factions? You must be joking, writes Mike Macnair

UK downgrade: No alternative to stagnation

Britain’s credit rating may have been downgraded, writes Eddie Ford, but in reality that was more a judgement on the state of the world economy

ULA blow-up: Legacy of sectarianism

As the ULA stares into the abyss, Anne Mc Shane looks back at two years of cynical betrayal

Zizek review: Going ‘beyond Marx’ - or regressing?

Callum Williamson reviews: Slavoj Zizek, 'The year of dreaming dangerously'. Verso, 2012, pp142, £7.99

Film review: Priced into dying

Jim Moody reviews: Dylan Mohan Gray (director) 'Fire in the blood' (general release)

Italy election: Nothing left about Five Star

Contrary to the view expressed by the Socialist Workers Party, Toby Abse shows that the Italian general election result is a disaster

Fighting fund: Great scope

If more of our readers gave just a small amount each, it'd be a lot easier to meet the Weekly Worker's running costs, says Robbie Rix

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