WW archive > Issue 95 - 25 May 1995

Sinking in sleaze

This week has seen the Tories collapse into a sewer of sleaze and confusion. They are reduced to saving their own skins and quite clearly the party is unfit to govern, even by capitalist standards. Rupert Murdoch would be happy with a change of government, and perhaps even the Iron Lady will consider leaving the sinking Tory ship after Blair praised her so eloquently last month. But the working class needs to get rid of the whole stinking system, not replace Tory sleaze-balls with Labour ones


No joke; Which evil?; Flush

Anti-racist careerist’s fall from grace

Reformist call to ban revolutionary funds

The devil you know...

Workers’ Dreadnought office raided

From Workers’ Dreadnought, paper of the Workers’ Socialist Federation, May 22 1920

Fevered imagination

State tools

Gay police pose for the press

First union conflict with the coal owners in 40 years

Fightback in Istanbul

Health unions hold their fire

Anger amongst healthworkers runs high, but many accept that 3% is the most they can expect

More unhealthy lies

NUT stitch-up

Winning tactics

The Queen and the litter lout

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