Mend your wicked ways and set up a standing order to the Weekly Worker. It's easy and will be a great help, says Robbie Rix

We start our June fighting fund with £295 received towards our £1,500 target. Most of that comes in the shape of the many standing orders that land in the Weekly Worker account at the beginning of the month. And amongst them I would like to mention the comrades who have just increased their payments over and above the minimum of £12 a quarter for subscriptions. Particular thanks, then, to comrades TB, MM, DG, BG, ET, GW and TG.

But once again I must remind those SO subscribers who have not yet increased their payments that we have had to raise the rate from the old £10 just to cover the new postage charges. We really need you to return those standing order forms double quick.

Of course, this last week was an especially short one, in that there were two bank holidays, which I expect will have held up the delivery of a good number of items - including no doubt one or two SO forms. There were no cheques in the post either - but at least we could be in for a bumper week next time.

But we did receive two PayPal donations - the usual monthly £30 gift from comrade EJ, plus £3 from BC. They were among the 10,367 online readers last week. I would like to appeal to those thousands - why not follow the example of EJ and BC and get out your credit or debit card? It’s simple and quite painless! Better still, we could do with a lot more regular gifts and it’s even more straightforward to set up a standing order. Download a form from the website or cut out the one on the back page of the paper. Or, if you have an online bank account, set it up yourself in two minutes. It’s account number 00744310 and sort code 30-99-64.

Once you’ve arranged for your £5 or £10 to be transferred each month, there’s nothing more to do. It’s easy for you and fantastic for us!