WW archive > Issue 917 - 07 June 2012

Bolshevism and revolutionary social democracy

Lars T Lih completes his series of articles on Lenin's view of the party question by examining the context in 1920 of 'Leftwing' communism


Stop sneering; State of denial; No go-to guy; Sectarianism; No free speech; Linke update

Last-chance saloon closing for business

Spain's 'total emergency' could bring down the entire euro zone, argues Eddie Ford

Referendum has nothing to offer

Neither Scottish independence nor British unionism. Sarah McDonald looks at the launch of the "Yes" campaign

None of the above

Calling on Egyptians to vote for the Muslim Brotherhood is insane, argues Paul Demarty

Time for self-criticism

The left missed out on a big opportunity during the fiscal treaty campaign, writes Anne Mc Shane

The Fourth International and failed perspectives

Mike Macnair reviews: Daniel Bensaïd, Alda Sousa, Alan Thornett and others, 'New parties of the left: experiences from Europe', London 2011, pp202, £7

Challenging media monopoly

Ellie Lakew reports from a talk on politics and the media given by President of the NUJ Donnacha DeLong and Weekly Worker writer James Turley

End harassment of sex workers

Prostitutes are being targeted in the run-up to the Olympic Games. Simon Wells reports


Mend your wicked ways and set up a standing order to the Weekly Worker. It's easy and will be a great help, says Robbie Rix

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