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Not waving; Drowning; Too Russian; Bewildered; Odd; Step forward; Barking dog; Paranormal; Homework


Robbie Rix doesn't want to be complacent

Socialism or barbarism

The left must reorganise and reorientate, argues John Bridge. Otherwise the consequences will be dire

A flag tainted with brown

Chris Strafford condemns the Morning Star-sponsored meeting of nationalists, anti-Semites, and homophobes

Anatomy of an embarrassment

The appearance of 'The protocols of the elders of Zion' on a Morning Star bookstall has provoked a storm of criticisms. Harley Filben wonders what all the fuss is about

Dreaming of 1945

The time for reformist timidity is long passed, argues Maciej Zurowski in his report of the Labour Representation Committee's annual conference

Democracy against capitalism

The ascension of self-styled technocrats to political power is the latest proof that capitalism is antithetical to democracy, argues James Turley

Fear and positioning

As the euro zone heads for possible disaster and 'economic Armageddon', writes Eddie Ford, both the US and UK governments have also admitted failure

Unite behind the sparks

Craft workers and labourers must find common cause, urges Gerry Downing

Appearances are everything

Peter Manson reports on the SWP's obsession with numbers regarding its latest recruiting front

War on Iran has started

Statement from Hands Off the People of Iran

SUPPLEMENT: Classical Marxism and the general strike

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