Robbie Rix doesn't want to be complacent

“Robbie Rix finally guilted me into paying for something I read for free online every week!” writes comrade JM. Thanks for your £10, comrade. I don’t want you to feel bad though - on the contrary, I want you to feel pleased because you’ve helped to support something worthwhile: the Weekly Worker’s fighting fund!

JM’s modest donation was gratefully received, but this week our November fund has been boosted by three tremendous gifts. Comrade TDB, like JM, made use of our PayPal facility to contribute no less than £200 (those two were among 16,358 who read us online over the last seven days). The second big one came in the form of a regular standing order from SK - an even better £230. And the third was a £100 cheque in the post from comrade SW.

I also received the £15 which OG added to her subscription, plus a further £175 in standing orders - the most generous of which was MM’s £75. All that makes this one of the best weeks I can remember for a very long time: no less than £730 all told. So that takes our running total for November to £1,264. In other words we’ve already exceeded our normal £1,250 target, but we still need to make up that £100 shortfall from October. But £86 in six days should be a doddle!

I don’t want to be complacent though. We are always having to meet additional costs, sometimes planned for, sometimes unexpected. Like this week’s general strike supplement - definitely planned for, but landing us with an extra bill for printing and postage. Of course, the cover price remains the same, which is why we have to rely on our readers and supporters to make up the difference.

If you appreciate this week’s 16-pager, why not follow the example of all those mentioned above. Help us meet this week’s additional expenditure. Let’s see how much we can pull in by November 30.