WW archive > Issue 880 - 08 September 2011

The theory of capitalist disintegration

More and more people are saying, 'Marx was right'. But can the present crisis of capitalism be explained by the tendency for the rate of profit to fall, famously discussed by Marx? Profits are high and there is a massive overaccumulation of capital. This is edited version of the speech by Hillel Ticktin to Communist University 2011


Left joke; String 'em up; Rage; Distortions; Jarrow myth; Neofolk; Eminently sane; Wonderful; Sex strike; Perplexed; Lake campaign; Stop eviction

Cash boost

Robbie Rix is more confident we can raise what we need each month

A victorious debate

The 1920 Halle congress of the Independent Social Democrats of Germany (USPD) was a turning point for our movement. It was also a moment of triumph for Grigory Zinoviev. This is an excerpt from Ben Lewis's introduction to a new book, 'Zinoviev and Martov: head to head in Halle'

Capital's busted flush

The bourgeoisie has no answers to the continuing economic crisis, writes Eddie Ford

Home and the guild of house cleaners

In 1921, the party's paper gave its view of women and communism

Ten years of blood and fire

The anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks coincides with a resurgence in 'liberal interventionism'. James Turley evaluates the bloody harvest of both

A triumphant victory?

Claire Fisher and Maciej Zurowski report on the English Defence League demonstration in east London and the response of anti-fascists

Market logic challenged by eight-hour general strike

This week the increasingly moribund government of Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has faced simultaneous attacks on two fronts: from the speculators and the European Central Bank, on the one hand; and from a general strike by the most militant section of Italy's organised working class, on the other. Toby Abse reports

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