Communist unity conference

From The Call, paper of the British Socialist Party, April 1 1920

ANOTHER attempt to achieve unity was made on March 13 last, when delegates representing the BSP... , SLP [Socialist Labour Party]... , WSF [Workers Socialist Federation]... and the SWSS [South Wales Socialist Society] met.

F Peet, on behalf of the BSP, expressed the keen desire of that organisation to achieve the unity of all bodies in this country who adhered to the Third International, the Soviet system and the dictatorship of the proletariat...

Miss Pankhurst [WSF] insisted that the new party should pledge itself in advance against any connection with the Labour Party, local or otherwise. T Mitchell for the SLP said ... that even if the BSP executive waived the question of affiliation to the Labour Party altogether, the SLP would not be willing to go forward, seeing that the majority of the BSP membership were in favour of affiliation. This being the position a deadlock resulted...

The BSP position is clear. We consider the formation of a virile Communist Party in this country essential. We do not wish to abandon, in advance, any weapon it may be necessary for that Party to use in the future. Let the new Party decide for itself.