WW archive > Issue 88 - 30 March 1995

Turn protest into workers' muscle

The time has now passed for building up ‘public support’. NHS workers already enjoy overwhelming support from the working class


Winners and losers; Formalistic

Fighting education cuts

Sharpening up our act

Shocking massacre

Danny Hammill reviews the film 'La Reine Margot', directed by Patrice Chereau

Irish prisoners kept hostage

Opportunists moving right

Crisis waiting to happen


Kurdish liberation needs class struggle

Over 5, 000 Kurdish and Turkish workers marched in Hackney, London the day after the attack on Alevis in Turkey

For workers’ European unions

Illusionary socialism

Communist unity conference

From The Call, paper of the British Socialist Party, April 1 1920

Vote communist on April 6

Workers in Scotland go to the polls this week to elect the new ‘shadow’ councils. But it is clear that - Labour, SNP or Tory - the new councils will still be ‘cutting councils’. So use your vote positively - vote communist and join us in fighting back

Jobseekers, no jobs

Shadow chaos

Council robbery

Seize empty houses

Fighting fund

Phil Kent reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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