WW archive > Issue 861 - 14 April 2011

Latest irresponsible split from SWP

The defection of Chris Bambery and a section of the Scottish membership highlights systemic failings. Peter Manson reports


Past his peak; Unimaginative; Unfair; No street party; Banker revolts ; Al Jazeera; Neutral; Wrong

Unlikely bedfellows

In a change of policy that Alex Callinicos calls "entirely consistent", the Socialist Workers Party now supports the same group of Britain-based Iranian exiles that enjoy the backing of the social-imperialist Alliance for Workers' Liberty. Tina Becker reports

Electoral principles and our tactics

When is it permissible to vote for opportunist or even non-working class candidates? In the first of two articles Mike Macnair begins his examination of the issues


Robbie Rix highlights the key role of our paper

Mubarak's detention is due to targeted mass pressure

Far from the revolutionary movement coming to a halt, argues Eddie Ford, new advances are being made

Intervention, not incoherent abstention

James Turley replies to critics of the CPGB's project to transform the Labour Party

Getting things into perspective

The defeat of Clare Solomon offers us a snapshot of the student movement, argues Ben Lewis

Labour will betray us

William Paul speaks against affiliation to the Labour Party at the CPGB's first congress in August 1920

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