WW archive > Issue 846 - 16 December 2010

Pause for thought

We do not live in a democracy, we live in a 'rule of law' state, argues Mike Macnair


Shining example; Help; Grassroots; Right to know; Falsification

We will be back

Robbie Rix says that the left needs to begin to take its responsibilities seriously

The fear of unity

Eager for ammunition, the SWP has delighted in the NSSN's looming split. James Turley reports

The trouble with Browder

Lawrence Parker continues his exploration of the CPGB's inner-party life following World War II

Eggs vs truncheons

The student movement in Turkey is militant, but mass involvement is hampered by a divided left, says Esen Uslu

The Pagan winter

Charles Dickens and his 'A Christmas carol' are routinely represented as a conscience-pricking call for charity at this time of the year. But, argues Harley Filben, there is more to the novel than that

Eyewitness in Whitehall

Who caused the violence on the December 9 stop fees and cuts demonstration? Organised thugs and street gangs - as alleged by home secretary Theresa May? This first-hand account, written by a Labour Representation Committee activist, clearly shows that it was the baton-swinging riot police. They were well-organised and bent on confrontation

Apathy or boredom?

Ben Lewis reviews 'The Trotsky', Jacob Tierney (dir), Alliance Films (general release in Canada)

Drop trumped-up charges

Imperialism's attempt to close down WikiLeaks has met with determined resistance, writes Eddie Ford

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