WW archive > Issue 829 - 05 August 2010

Royalist nationalism, opposition prophets, and the impact of exile and return

Jack Conrad concludes his survey of Ancient Israel (supplement III)


Vote Ed; Christian plea; I give up; Permanent war; Cruel violations; Trojan horse; Sexist cliché; Screwed up; Laws and rights

Open the books - end state secrecy

Wikileaks tip of iceberg, writes James Turley

A class act

Chris Strafford looks at the life of Tom Mann and the pre-war struggles that helped lay the basis for the founding of the CPGB

Official: Gaza is a prison camp

Tony Greenstein sees a Palestinian David versus an Israeli Goliath

Holy water consecrates Cameron's big society

The coalition government's programme of cuts has in effect been blessed by a whole range of Christian denominations and groups, reports Eddie Ford

Freedom to choose emancipation and dress

To force a woman to remove her veil is just as subjugating as forcing her to cover up. Peter Manson replies to left and right criticisms

Coal and Clausewitz

Lawrence Parker reviews Nina Fishman's 'Arthur Horner: a political biography' (Vol 1 1894-1944; Vol 2 1944-68), Lawrence and Wishart, 2010, pp608, £22.50 each

Hands off Russia!

Further episodes from our history : 1918-1919

A grand a day

Howard Roak insists it's still not too late to contribute to the SO

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