WW archive > Issue 829 - 05 August 2010

Royalist nationalism, opposition prophets, and the impact of exile and return

Jack Conrad concludes his survey of Ancient Israel (supplement III)


Vote Ed; Christian plea; I give up; Permanent war; Cruel violations; Trojan horse; Sexist cliché; Screwed up; Laws and rights

A class act

Chris Strafford looks at the life of Tom Mann and the pre-war struggles that helped lay the basis for the founding of the CPGB

Official: Gaza is a prison camp

Tony Greenstein sees a Palestinian David versus an Israeli Goliath

Coal and Clausewitz

Lawrence Parker reviews Nina Fishman's 'Arthur Horner: a political biography' (Vol 1 1894-1944; Vol 2 1944-68), Lawrence and Wishart, 2010, pp608, £22.50 each

Freedom to choose emancipation and dress

To force a woman to remove her veil is just as subjugating as forcing her to cover up. Peter Manson replies to left and right criticisms

Open the books - end state secrecy

Wikileaks tip of iceberg, writes James Turley

Hands off Russia!

Further episodes from our history : 1918-1919

Holy water consecrates Cameron's big society

The coalition government's programme of cuts has in effect been blessed by a whole range of Christian denominations and groups, reports Eddie Ford

A grand a day

Howard Roak insists it's still not too late to contribute to the SO

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