10k and counting

Things are looking good to Howard Roak

Our annual fundraising campaign, the Summer Offensive, maintained a very respectable pace this week, with £1,537 added to our total. We have now cleared £10k, with £10,067 in the pot towards our £25,000 target by August 14, the last day of this year’s Communist University.

The winner of the Summer Offensive sweepstake on the World Cup - Ben Lewis - donated his £50 winnings back to the campaign after his team, Spain, edged a final that at times bore more resemblance to a Jet Li movie than a football match. In other words, lots of fun for the non-footie fans amongst us, despite the pompous, moralistic guff from many sofa pundits that followed the final whistle.

Equally robust as the no-nonsense Dutch this week are comrades JM, AM and PM with contributions of £220, £260 and £200 respectively. Well played, comrades.

The SO is very much a game of two halves. As we move into the fifth week of the campaign, we normally see the things starting to pick up. Given the sparkling pace comrades have set so far, this would mean we would easily bust through our £25k target.

Still a long way to go, comrades, but things are looking good!