WW archive > Issue 826 - 15 July 2010

Humble petition or militant action?

There are two sides to Tolpuddle, argues Mike Macnair


Drastic action; Singled out; Nine points; Predators; Charlatans; Studying Rita; Fear of fascists

Defections no answer

Peter Manson looks at the latest split from the Socialist Workers Party

Keep off our turf

James Turley critiques the SWP's proprietorial culture

Moat's paranoia and the community of women

Communists fight to reassert the power of women, writes Eddie Ford

Divided theocratic regime paralysed by sanctions

As the US steps up it efforts to provoke regime change from above, Yassamine Mather looks at the reasons for the failure of the working class to win leadership of the opposition movement

Philistinism of cuts

Jim Gilbert warns of increased corporate involvement in the arts

We don't make the laws. We do a job

Steve Gillan, new general secretary of the prison officers' union, the POA, wrote to the CPGB in response to Eddie Ford's article last week. Mark Fischer spoke to him

10k and counting

Things are looking good to Howard Roak

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