WW archive > Issue 80 - 02 February 1995

Workers’ action to stop council cuts

Councils across the country have announced huge spending cuts as a result of reduced government grant support for the new financial year. Some areas will be worse hit than others and Labour and Tory councillors alike are jostling for their share of a smaller cake. Only workers’ organisation against all cuts and all closures can halt the attack by both government and council. That is the message Communist Party candidates will be taking to the local elections in April and May


Contempt; Left hot air

Private Clegg - State terrorist assassin

Unionist fury threatens Major

A negotiated settlement will have to keep Unionists on board, and will leave British imperialism intact

Memorial march

Gold to our movement

Kemal Osman is a Turkish textile worker who has recently joined the Communist Party in Hackney, an area with a high percentage of migrant workers and exiled revolutionaries from Turkey. He tells the Weekly Worker why he has joined the Party

Houses or hovels?

From The Call, paper of the British Socialist Party, February 5 1920

Chechen bloodbath goes on

Pictures of war in Chechnya expose Yeltsin's democratic credentials

Rewriting the history books

Left out in the cold

Clause four roadshow gets underway

Labour waves the union jack

No victory for workers

Damning social trends

High kicks and high finance

Fighting fund

Phil Kent reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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