WW archive > Issue 789 - 15 October 2009

A symptom of capitalist decay, not the main enemy

Eddie Ford sees the SWP and those that follow its example on a disastrous and self-defeating course

The Iranian coup four months on

Mehdi Kia examines the state of the movement against the clerical regime

BNP contradictions

James Turley reviews Nigel Copsey’s Contemporary British fascism Palgrave Macmillan, 2007, pp264, £19.99

Sum of its parts

Many students are completely inexperienced politically, but are beginning to question the system, write Ted North and Dave Isaacson in Oxford

Joining a rogues’ gallery

Barack Obama is presiding over an escalation of military action in Afghanistan. Despite that, he is a hero for the liberal bourgeoisie, writes James Turley

Terror in a tank

Jim Moody previews some of the offerings at this year's London Film Festival

Rhetoric, stunts, and divisions

Chris Brandler assesses the left’s mobilisation in Manchester against the English Defence League

Open letter to the Socialist Workers Party

Mark Fischer, the CPGB’s national organiser, questions the worth of SWP calls for unity

Mapping a viable future

Debating Israel/Palestine. Peter Manson reports

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