WW archive > Issue 784 - 10 September 2009

The Unison monkey trial

Onay Kasab, Unison branch secretary in Greenwich, is one of four members of the Socialist Party in England and Wales targeted by the union leadership for having signed a critical leaflet at the 2007 annual conference. Alan Stevens spoke to him

For a democratic, secular state

Tony Greenstein replies to Jack Conrad and explains why Israeli Jews cannot be granted self-determination

Beyond the limits

Huw Sheridan reviews Steve Jones’s Darwin’s island: The Galapagos in the garden of England Little, Brown, 2009, pp307, £20

Running out of road

James Turley looks at the G20 and continued US-UK domination

Intrusive and authoritarian

We fight for a world in which sex is genuinely free and equal, writes Eddie Ford

Lenin, Kautsky, and 1914

In the second of his talks to the CPGB’s Communist University, Lars T Lih takes a closer look at Lenin’s reaction to the betrayal of German social democracy at the outbreak of World War I

Geoengineered for growth

Jim Moody examines flawed schemes to alleviate climate change

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