WW archive > Issue 780 - 30 July 2009

Making and unmaking Labour

An alternative to the Labour Party will only ever grip masses of workers if it is an alternative to Labourism, writes Mike Macnair

Islam and Rushdie

James Turley reviews Kenan Malik’s From fatwa to jihad: the Rushdie affair and its legacy Atlantic, 2009, pp266, £16.99

Wobbling to the right

Jim Creegan examines the first six months of Barack Obama’s administration

Our aspirations and theirs

For everyone who rises to the top, there is someone who sinks to the bottom. Eddie Ford takes a look at Alan Milburn’s meritocracy fraud

BNP 2, Republic 0

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group looks at the meaning of 'Yes to Democracy'

Out of step with the masses

With the crisis-ridden Islamic regime wracked by divisions, what is the state of Iran's opposition? Yassamine Mather surveys the sorry scene

Solidarity with occupation

Jim Moody calls for nationalisation of Vestas under workers' control

Hope and anticipation

Afshin is a student at Tehran University who was involved in the protests following the presidential elections. He spoke to the Weekly Worker

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