WW archive > Issue 754 - 29 January 2009


G20 bastards; Illusions; Not capitalism; Sundry soup; Doomsayers; Anarchy in the UK; Serious debate; Caveat; Half-democracy; Idiots

Fighting Fund

SO stalwarts

SPD and the swamp

This previously untranslated article, 'After the Jena congress', by Rosa Luxemburg is of particular interest. A cool analytical summation of the Jena congress of German Social Democracy in September 1913, it sounds a warning against the new alignment of the party's centre and right against the left. In a sign of things to come, the Leipziger Volkszeitung - one of the many local SPD newspapers - refused publication1

Playing the public and the personal

Mike Belbin sees David Hare going beyond haranguing the British for denying that ideas matter

Trials of Tommy Sheridan

He recklessly disregarded his responsibility, writes Sarah McDonald

Divisions bubble up again

...despite its dull title, the January 24 STWC 'national activists meeting' was not without interest, report Tina Becker and Simon Wells

Convention party poopers

Discussions of programme or party were cut off in mid-flow. Chris Strafford reports on the Convention of the Left

No escape for the millions

Alan Fox reviews Danny Boyle's latest film, Slumdog millionaire (on general release)

Rallying against BBC inhumanity

Pro-Zionist agenda is exposed for all to see, writes John-Jo Sidwell

Anita's Star fails to shine

Lawrence Parker examines current problems at the Morning Star and its CPB satellite

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