WW archive > Issue 747 - 27 November 2008


Billionaires; Leninist sect; Opportunity; No apology; Stageist; Coprologist; Victim

Bringing back Berufsverbot

James Turley asks why the working class should have any confidence in the protection of the bourgeois state

Next revolution

Chris Knight of the Radical Anthropology Group responds to criticisms

Seven key points

Bob Potter outlines what he considers the most essential components of Mike Macnair's book

Arab agency and a Marx-Engels analogy

Jack Conrad concludes his two-part article on Palestine, arguing for working class leadership of the Arab revolution

Sects, states, and soviets

Mike Macnair defends his book and debunks some far-left misconceptions

Red November 1918

Ninety years ago, the destiny of the world revolution lay in the hands of the German working class. Ben Lewis describes the tumultuous events and draws some lessons for today

Orbiting planet Obama

Ted North watches a new US administration takes shape

Fighting Fund

No handouts

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