WW archive > Issue 740 - 09 October 2008


Anti-gay abuse; October theses; Worker buyouts; Big Brother; No Nepal; Role model; Dual strategy

Stonehenge and the Neolithic counter-revolution

Lionel Sims disagrees with conclusions Darvill and Wainwright reached about Stonehenge after a recent dig there. Comrade Sims, a member of the Radical Anthropology Group and the SWP, says that it can only be understood properly in the context of the defeat of the female sex and the transition from primitive communism to class society

Make Your Vote Count - how exactly?

Dave Vincent comments on the Public and Commercial Services union's campaign

Rotten apples and dictator mayors

James Turley assesses the politics around Sir Ian Blair's resignation

Defending sect cohesion

Mark Fischer points to the 'family resemblance' between the AWL and those it calls the "kitsch left"

The loan comes due

We must categorically reject any attempt to use the spectre of hard times to convince workers that restoring the profits of finance capital is the only answer, writes US communist Jim Creegan

Thought police pursue Nazi apologist

Jim Moody advocates free speech - even for the extreme right

Defend trans people

Transphobia is completely unacceptable, writes Robbie Folkard

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