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Blazing row; Moribund; Study and learn; No apologist; Blanquism; Tory entryists; Virulent; Read and heed; Fighting squad; Sick remark; Drugs section; Reach out; Faith bridges; Absurd

Fighting fund


A lost opportunity

Understandably the left today looks back at France in 1968. Here was a moment when power seemed within our grasp. However, the May events have become an iconic model, even amongst those trying to re-image themselves. Jack Conrad argues that our movement needs basic honesty and a lot of radical rethinking

Socialist politics and the road to decommissioning

Brian Keenan's death last week means the loss of an important ally for Gerry Adams. But Keenan was far more than an Irish nationalist, writes Anne McShane

Right to choose still under threat

SWP, ISG continue to equivocate on abortion. Jim Moody reports

ANC elite sowed seeds of hatred

Peter Manson examines recent xenophobic attacks in South Africa

Flushing out the Labourites

Dave Lynch reports on the May 24-26 congress of Britain's 'official communists'

Trying Stalinism again?

Can there be a repeat of Soviet-style bureaucratic socialism? Mike Macnair responds to Tony Clark

Smears stepped up after Hopi vote

Ben Lewis looks at the background to the SWP's hostility and counters the recent attack

Debating pay, politics and Iran

Dave Vincent reports on the PCS conference and the growing politicisation of delegates

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