WW archive > Issue 703 - 10 January 2008

Battle of the soul of SACP

Whether or not newly elected ANC president Jacob Zuma is a criminal, just what is the South African Communist Party playing at in supporting him? Peter Manson reports from South Africa


Up yours; Jesus Christ; Shit-stirrers; No beer halls?; Outstanding man; Cargo cults; Bedside manner; Spot on; Extremists; Nostalgic; Marxist art; Sophistry; Utterly foul; Bananarama; Nuclear option

Firm in principle, flexible in tactics

Benjamin Klein argues that the working class movement must lead the struggle for democracy and free speech, and not leave it to the posturing of the Tories and the Liberals

Should the left manage capitalism?

Uli Franke, a candidate for Die Linke in the Hessian city of Darmstadt, spoke to Tina Becker about the pressure to govern, the new tendencies emerging in the organisation and the need for more debate

Back to the future

How do Stalinist and Trotskyist traditions influence our views about a national alternative to the Labour Party? Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group returns to the debate with the CPGB's Mike Macnair

Anti-migrant repression and the John Garcia case

James Turley comments on asbos and the logic of immigration controls

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