WW archive > Issue 682 - 19 July 2007

Corruption and irrationality

Jim Moody comments on the trial of Conrad Black, which highlights the enigma of 'capital without capitalists'


Acceptable; Rabbit hutches; Marxist fetishes; Same old faces; CMP optimism; Wrestling; Party unity; Elitist art; Techno-verbiage; Verbal punches

The myth of 'One Wales'

Cameron Richards looks at 'the most progressive government programme in Britain for 30 years'

Advance indigenous rights

The growing crisis of federalism demands a republican narrative from the left, writes Marcus Strom

CPGB unity over Campaign for a Marxist Party

Mary Godwin reports from the latest members' aggregate of the CPGB

Majority rights and minority duties

It is irresponsible to threaten to walk out simply because one finds oneself in a minority, says Eddie Ford

Anti-Kurd jingoism

As the election campaign in Turkey draws to a close, Esen Uslu traces back the reasons for the ruling class obsession with 'national integrity'

Worldwide support

The last week has seen many more activists from around the world signing up in support of Hands Off the People of Iran, reports Steve Cooke

Release Ossanlou

Andeesheh Nicko and Roja Bamdad of Iranian Workers Bulletin call for solidarity action to free the kidnapped union leader

Reinforcing misery

Carey Davies reports on the Conservative 'remedies' for a 'broken society'

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