Worldwide support

The last week has seen many more activists from around the world signing up in support of Hands Off the People of Iran, reports Steve Cooke

Among the latest signatories is Lenni Brenner, a prominent US civil rights campaigner and author of many works on Zionism and Middle East politics, Marcus Strom, editor of Australian leftwing website Labor Tribune, and Ailsa Land, professor emeritus of operational research at the London School of Economics

In the trade union movement, backing has come from Ian King, senior organiser for GMB Scotland, Mark Sinfield, Unison branch secretary at the University of Bristol, and Mehdi Husaini, a member of the UCU branch at the University of Teesside.

They are joined by Mark Barrett and Peter Cadogan, activists in the People in Common group, which is campaigning against the restrictions on the right to protest near parliament imposed by the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005.

In New Zealand, Sue Bradford, a Green Party member of the House of Representatives, declared her support for Hopi. So too did Australian councillors Gurm Sekhon (Yarra city council, Melbourne), Leigh Williams (Hawkesbury city council, New South Wales) and Tom Tabart (Byron Shire council, NSW). Councillor Sekhon is a former national convenor of the federal Australian Greens.

Back in the UK, more green councillors have joined the cause, including Morgwn Trolinger and John Whitelegg (Lancaster city council), Martha Wardrop (Glasgow city council), Romayne Phoenix (London borough of Lewisham), Susan Murray (Lewes town council) and, in the south west, Charlie Bolton (Bristol city council), Lindsay Southcombe (Truro city council) and Martin Whiteside (Stroud district council). The Young Greens organisation has also backed the campaign.

If you would like to join Hopi's growing list of supporters, you can sign up via the campaign website at www.hopoi.org or email your name, position/affiliation and contact details to office@hopoi.info.

If you are interested in organising a local event for Hopi, the campaign team can supply speakers and advise on how best to publicise it. Don't hesitate to call us on 07738 828540 or email office@hopoi.info.